In the beginning there was a truely hideous shelf

In the beginning there was a truely hideous shelf

My last trip to the second-hand store left me with multiple shelving units all of which will be presented in future posts.  One particular shelf though that caught my eye was what can only be described as one of the ugliest pieces of handiwork I have ever seen.  This, along with the fact that it was priced at the extremely reasonable price of $3.99 convinced me to take this poor item home and rehabilitate it into something that could be visually appealing and loved again.

I took a picture of the original top of the shelf but since I currently can’t get it off my phone here is a beautiful reproduction that I made in Paint.

In all fairness this was a kind recreation as the original’s paint was completely uneven and gloppy.

I was shopping with my friend Kim when I found this poor thing and she insisted that the new life of the shelf should come in the form of bubblegum pink with zebra print trim.  Although not my particular tastes, this combination is currently quite popular so I decided, eh what’s the harm.

The process to turn that into this  (and yes to those of you who knew me in college, that is my old bedspread)

The project began with some extensive sanding to remove the million layers of paint which had been caked up while the design was painted.  After trying not to breathe in the paint dust (I have a mask now) and my arm cramping up numerous times, I was able to remove enough of the paint to create a smooth surface throughout.  The whole shelf was then wiped clean with a damp towel to remove any lingering remains of paint dust.  Let the painting commence!

3-4 layers, depending on the level of coverage was needed, of pepto bismol pink (I say it first so no one else has to) were painted onto the shelf thoroughly covering any remnants of the previous paint job.

After the pink dried completely, zebra print ribbon was attached to the edges with Aleene’s brand fast grab tacky glue.  If I were to do this again I think I would use hot glue just so the ribbon wouldn’t slip around the surface as much.

Once the ribbon was secure, I sealed the surface, minus the ribbon, with Plaid brand Matte Mod Podge.  I was pretty happy with the results, seeing as it was the first one that I did.  Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed!  I would love to hear any comments on this process!


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