Read any good shelves lately?

Read any good shelves lately?

I know what you’re thinking, silly blogger, shelves are not for reading!      Technically this one could be read, though I don’t believe the end result would be very legible.

I completely forgot to take a picture of the original look of this shelf but just imagine this was dark brown raw wood.  Originally I thought I would keep the pages complete, and just fold them around the edges of the shelf.  This, beyond being semi impossible was not nearly as cute as I was hoping, so, with the consultation of my boyfriend it was decided to instead decoupage the surface of the shelf with torn up pieces of book pages.  Now I know that somewhere there is a book lover weeping, quite possibly my friend Martha.  Don’t think that I don’t love books, but I promise that not only was this not an old book (it was published in 2000), according to Amazon reviews, it was not very good.  I hope that this has quelled the anxiety of at least one bibliophile.  Way that I see it, the book now feels pretty and worthwhile again. 🙂

That being said, once I decided that I was going to tear the paper the process actually began.  Each piece overlapped and was secured with matte Mod Podge and for those who have ever used this product before know that as much as all of us crafters love it, it gets EVERYWHERE.  Well once the entire shelf and part of me was covered, I let it dry before I put a sealing layer of Mod Podge over it.

While the paper covered shelf was fairly cute in and of itself, it really felt as though it needed something.  Thankfully, a few days before I had come across I’m a Yarner a great craft blog.  She had made a beautiful paper wreath.  I used the technique she described there to make different sizes of paper roses from more of the book pages.  I hot glued the flowers onto the front of the shelf and voila!  Love to hear anyone’s comments or questions!


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