Lets make some plarn

Lets make some plarn

So if your house is anything like ours, somewhere, probably in the kitchen, you have a pile of plastic bags much like this one.     Long before I learned how to make plarn I would save these bags with the intention to use them as trashbags and such.  This didn’t always pan out though because I always seemed to have WAY more bags than I had uses for them.  I tried to sidestep this problem by utilizing reusable bags at the grocery.  Sadly I had a horrible tendency to walk right past them on my way out the door.  Too many things on my mind I guess.  Finally I now have a use for all of the plastic grocery bags that have been sitting around our house.

To make plarn, take an individual bag and flatten it out as much as possible.   Fold one side of the bag to meet the middle fold the top over to meet the bottom   and fold the entire thing together lengthwise (like a hotdog bun).   While holding all of this together, is actually pretty slippery begin to cut the folded bag into strips.  Discard the connected bottom and top handles as you can’t use these for this project.  In the picture you can see the the discarded pieces on the top.

When you unfold the strips that you cut, you should have loops   like this.  Don’t worry if they are wavy, once you start crocheting with them you’ll never be able to notice.

To combine the loops together take a second loop and place it underneath the first.  Then take that second loop (the one that is on bottom) and loop it through itself.   To tighten the knot simply pull on the two ends of the knot.  When the knot is still loose it should look like this  and when it’s tight it will look like this.   Tightening the knot may take some finagling. Continue to connect the loops together in the same method.  Make sure that each knot is placed at exactly half-way on each loop, this is very important!  If not, one side of the loop will be longer than the other, which will be problematic when you try to use the plarn.  To keep this from happening, keep the last attached loop tight while attaching the next. While you go, it’s a good idea to roll the plarn into a ball so that it doesn’t tangle.

I know all of this sounds somewhat complicated but once you get the hang of it you’ll be able to do it without hardly even paying attention.  If you are having problems though please e-mail me at brushesandthread@gmail.com and I’ll help you out.  Hope you enjoy and happy crafting!

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