My Newest Obsession

My Newest Obsession

My newest obsession is hand painted pillows.  You’ve probably seen them in architectural magazines or in homestores such as Pottery Barn.  In many cases, these are made of burlap.  In my opinion though, burlap is too rough for a pillow.  I personally don’t want to put anything on my couch that I wouldn’t want to put my head on, although the exfoliation would be a plus… In any case, I decided that I could make these fairly simply.  I purchased unbleached cotton instead of burlap because although it has a similar aesthetic, it was significantly softer.  For the design, I went to the store to find attractive stencils and fabric paint pens.  Originally I bought DecoFabric brand pens.  These could be used on either light or dark fabrics because they actually emit a thicker paint.  I used these for the brown and black winged heart pillows.  While these pens did create a nice product, they were difficult to use on larger areas because they felt like they quickly dried out, and the cotton picked at the felt of the marker.  For the other pillows I used Marvy brand fabric pens.  These were more similar to ink than paint so they only work on lighter fabric.  Despite this, they worked better on the fabric and were cheaper.  Also, I was able to get a lot of different colors.

After the pillows were all dry, I put the fronts together and sewed up the sides, excluding a slot large enough to turn the fabric right side out, and stuff the pillow.  Once the pillows were stuffed with poly-fil, I hand sewed them up and was all done.  I’m pretty happy with the results!  All of these are currently available on my Etsy shop. I’d love to hear what everyone thinks, hope you enjoyed and keep crafting!




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  1. I like the tree and the bird! Great work, val!! Sounds like it’s time to arrange another friendly stitch and bitch!

  2. They look AMAZING! I’ve been too scared to try this type of project myself, but now I just might (or I might just commission you instead, haha).

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