Sewing Letters, Get it Down to a “T”

Sewing Letters, Get it Down to a “T”

A big part of my crafting experience is figuring out ways to create the ideas that pop into my slightly frazzled mind.  After making an  anchor pillow I decided that I wanted to make one that was similar but more cheeky.   Anchor’s Away I thought, that’s just cute enough to not be obnoxious!  How to make the letters though…  I don’t have a cricut and I don’t want to spend the money for one right now, so what to do?  What I did have was a printer.  Turns out that is a big part of what I needed.   To make letters similar to what you see here   you will need scissors, a computer with attached printer, straight pins, possibly an exacto  knife and either a really nice sewing machine or needle and thread.

The first step is fairly straight forward, you need to chose a font that you like, I chose Rockwell Extra Bold.  You don’t have to use this font but you should definitely choose  one that doesn’t have a lot of frills, and if it isn’t already you will probably want to make it BOLD and in all caps so that it will be easier to cut.

Once you have chosen your font make it big!  Write your message and make it as big as you want.  I made mine about size 110, hint: if you turn your printing to landscape instead of portrait then you can get more letters on a single line.

Once your letters are all printed out and dried (important because there will likely be a lot of ink on the paper and you don’t want that on your fabric) begin to cut them all out, making sure to get all of the little internal circles and triangles.  This is why you might need the exacto.  Depending on what font you have chosen those areas might be fairly small or intricate.

I maybe should warn you against the high possibility of intense hand cramps at this point in the procedure.  There is a lot of cutting involved in making these letters and I know that my hands were not happy after this.  Ignoring this though the next step is to pin the paper letters to the fabric which is in this case fleece.   To make your life a TON easier go ahead and cut out squares, or whatever around the letters, just larger than what you need.  This will make it much easier to maneuver around the letters, instead of having to deal with a large piece of fabric.

Once you have all of your letters cut out go ahead and start pinning them to your fabric.  If you need to, it may help to put a ruler under your letters to help to keep them going in a straight line and you can measure the distance between the letters that way also.  Personally, I just eyed it and it seemed to work out fine, so if you don’t feel like taking the time and it looks like they’re okay when you line them up then you probably don’t need the ruler.

Pin each letter in multiple places.  This will keep the letters from moving while you’re sewing and also let you take out one of the pins while still keeping the letter secured to the fabric.

I sewed the letters by hand.  My current sewing machine doesn’t do either speed control or presser foot adjustments very well.  Because of this doing these on the machine would have been frustrating at best, potentially sending me into a project throwing conniption fit at worst.  If your machine is better than mine though it will probably make a better result and might be more secure than hand sewing.

Here is my finished product.    I would love to hear what you think about it and the post!  Keep crafting.


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