It’s been awhile

It’s been awhile

Yes I know, it’s been far too long since I’ve posted anything here, many apologies.  I have been slightly busy though these last few months.  Lets see, since the beginning of April : I COMPLETED AND DEFENDED MY THESIS!!!!!!!! okay so obviously that was the big one and needed to be in all caps.  In addition to that though, boyfriend and I have moved, started new jobs, and gone through a ton of other things that weren’t nearly as fun!  Note to self-drink glass or two of wine before you go completely crazy.

{Sigh} okay so beyond what I’ve already listed, I’ve been working on expanding my product line on Etsy to include some new items.  I figured I would use the next few posts to introduce the new items to YOU the reader.

One such theme is baby stuff.  I had done some little baby pillowcases in the past but I’m expanding the line.  Before you ask, no I’m not preggers, it’s just that a lot of my friends/family have been popping them out lately, and baby stuff is so cute!  Right now I’m focusing on making the ultimate burp cloths.     Although I don’t have children myself I’ve taken care of a lot of them over the years so I thought to myself, what would I want in the ideal burp cloth (an item which is essential in and of itself!)

I’ll admit, caterpillars and apples are rarely this cute in reality…

Elephants and flowers on the other hand are always awesome

I would want it to be absorbent, that’s a big one.  Many I saw on etsy were made of polyester, which is not going to absorb anywhere near what you would need it to.  Secondly, I would want it to be both strong and soft.  Combining all of these, I came up with what I believe to be the ideal burp cloth.  It is cutesy cotton flannel on one side, and cotton terry (ie washcloth material) on the other.  To secure the two sides together, I quilted a border and an “X” through the center.  To add a special touch to the burp cloths, on Etsy I’m offering personalization on the cloths with the embroidery function on my new sewing machine.  I’d love to hear what you think about it and I’m glad to be back!


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