Puppy Loves Her Collar

Puppy Loves Her Collar

Babies are not the only cute thing in the world, I know a lot of people who think that their dog is pretty much the cutest thing that has ever lived.  Lately, I’ve been working to make the furry little guys and girls just a little bit more stylish by way of handmade dog collars with their names embroidered on them.  I had two of my customers/friends send me pictures of their wonderful dogs Vera and Kahlua wearing their new customized collars!  Both are shown in my most popular seller, the zebra print collar, which now also comes with a red back and top-stitching   I think they look like they love their new collars, what do you think?



      Looks like someone’s photo shoot got them all tuckered out.

Each collar has a nylon webbing back with reinforced stitching.  The hardware on each includes; sturdy plastic side release buckle, thick metal d-ring to attach to a leash, and a plastic slide to make the collar adjustable.

The above new styles have been added my Etsy shop.  I would love to hear what you think and remember, keep crafting!


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