But they’re so cute!

But they’re so cute!

It all started out as a joke, “you should make dog COSTUMES!”  haha ok….well actually maybe I will do that.  The problem with making something like this though is that there are so many adorable ideas  that you start to get sucked in and just have to make more.  Before I knew it I had 9 costumes and it was quickly becoming less and less of a joke.  The end products were just so cute that it was hard to stop.  When people ask me what I’ve been doing lately I do feel a bit silly saying…”making dog costumes”, and they generally have one of two reactions; looking at me like I have 6 heads, or smile and ask to see them.  I must say I much prefer the latter, it makes me feel slightly less silly about the whole endeavor.

I’m not just making dog costumes though, I have revised the idea to have my own twist on it.  What I’m making, I call “Collar Capes”.  This is because the dog’s collar slips through the costume’s loop on the back and is secured around the belly with an elastic strap that closes with velcro, making it simple to put on and comfortable to wear.  Below are some pictures of the costumes, modeled by the adorable and patient Vera and Puddles.  All of the below can be found on my Etsy shop.

Native American Princess

Fiesta dress



Poodle Skirt

Prissy Princess



Black Widow Spider

St. Bernard First Aid Barrel

Victorian Vest

So that’s what I have so far, and I’d love to hear what you think, and remember Keep Crafting!


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