UPDATE: I graduated!!!  Even though I’m not still writing my thesis, I am still working on this blog.  As always I love to hear what people think!

My name is Valerie and I am a graduate student.  Down to the editing portion of my thesis, I have been left with time on my hands which could be filled with a multitude of options but since my boyfriend didn’t think that wallowing in boredom or driving him crazy with excessive amounts of pent up energy (two of my best ideas at the time) were viable options, I turned to something that had always kept me busy as a child, CRAFTING!  The title of this blog is brushes and thread because as previously mentioned I have energy that made me completely unable to focus on a single product.  Now I have this blog to share with you the reader, a relationship that I would love to go both ways, ie I would love feedback on my items and to see what you’re working on.  So have fun and keep crafting!


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