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My (forced) Return to Blogging

My (forced) Return to Blogging

As I sit in my dining room with Husband (previously boyfriend) and the talented though absurdly positive Louisa of Kleinert Cosmetics I write this blog at knifepoint.  Okay…that might be an exaggeration.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy writing, or crafting, or writing about crafting, it’s the time.  It runs out the door and past you at mach 10 and suddenly you haven’t posted since 2013, which feels like an actual lifetime ago.

2013 was before we were married, hell it was 3 moves ago.  I guess what I should be saying is thank you to those of you who still visit the blog, who gain benefit from them.  So, thank you, I appreciate it.

This is neither a brush nor a thread but instead yarn.  I argue it still falls within the theme of the blog.

Sophie’s Universe.  The much-loved if not grumbled about crochet pattern.  See the pattern here.  Props to the “Look at What I Made” website for a really well written pattern, pictures included.  I’ve been trying to record my progress over time with this pattern.  See pictures below.

I’ve really enjoyed it as you never get bored, there is always something new! Something new like a couple of extra stitches on this row or that, but there’s not need to go into that…  This pattern has enough to it to cover a multitude of sins.

Let me know if you have any questions about the pattern or if you have an idea about what you’d like to hear about next.  I have a feeling I’m back for awhile!


How to Verify Your WordPress Site on Pinterest and Google

How to Verify Your WordPress Site on Pinterest and Google

Those of us with a mild to severe Pinterest addiction, and a blog have the additional problem of needing to verify their blogs.  If you’re like me you looked into it, saw how difficult it appeared to be and decided it wasn’t worth it.  Well the problem was I couldn’t find any really helpful websites when it came to this problem.  While looking at an answer to another question though, I ran across the solution to my Pinterest problem, and it turns out that it’s really not difficult at all.

Step 1:

Log into your Pinterest account and click on “Settings” which is found under your name on the top right hand portion of the site.

Step 2:

Go down to “website” and enter your wordpress URL if you haven’t already, and click “Verify”

Step 3:

At the bottom you should see and click verify with meta tag.

Step 4:

Highlight and copy the tag that is provided.

Step 5:

Log into your wordpress account in another internet tab and go into your dashboard

Step 6:

Under Tools on the left taskbar, click available tools

Step 7:

Scroll down and input the tag that you received from Pinterest and click save at the bottom of the page.

Step 8:

Go back to the Pinterest page where you received the tag from and click below to finish.  I had a problem with this, where it continued to say Verifying… forever.  I refreshed the page which seemed to solve this problem.

Step 9:

Go to your Pinterest login page and you should now see your website at the top of your profile with a red circle with a check next to it.  This means that your blog is verified by Pinterest!


Verifying your page through google is very similar except you should go to and follow the instructions there.

I hope that this helps others like it helped me!  If you need any other help please contact me here or at

Sharing Crafts/


Over the last few months I have been so busy doing the multitude of things that I’m quite sure you are tired of hearing me talk about, that the blog has been placed on the back burner.  Because I don’t want to close the blog, I am temporarily going to putting up daily (to the best of my ability) crafts that I have either tried, or are interested in attempting.  I know that it’s not as good as writing my own tutorials (something I would like to get back to very soon) I hope that it will be an interesting addition to the blog until I can return to the its original purpose.

So I guess the long and short of it is, the blog will be temporarily put on hold until I can get back to what I love doing/what keeps me sane.  Don’t write me off yet though, I am starting today to work on some new merchandise for Christmas and new DIY tutorials for the blog.   I don’t know how long the hiatus will be, could be a week could be a month but I thought I would give everyone the heads up.  Until then, please join our Facebook group at  Also if anyone has an idea for one of the daily posts please comment below.

OH YEAH…I ALMOST FORGOT!!! One of the comments below will gain an exclusive discount code for my etsy shop.  Just a little thank you for visiting and a sorry it’s been awhile. I can’t wait to see what you find!

I Want to Know What you Want to Know

I Want to Know What you Want to Know

Lately I’ve been struggling with what to write DIY posts about.  Then it came to me, DUH I’m writing them for you, I should find out what you want to read about!  So here is an opportunity to decide what the next post or so will be about.  If I get multiple ideas then I’ll either pick the best one or do multiple.  To reward you for participating, the owners of the ideas chosen will receive a special coupon code for my etsy shop!  So start thinkin!  I can’t wait to see what you come up with!!

While you’re thinking here is a picture of our fat adorable guinea pig, Bacon Bit, to help you along.  He thinks that all posts should be about the joys of carrots though so you probably shouldn’t listen to him…

Making a Pillowcase

Making a Pillowcase

Earlier this month I put up a DYI post about creating a fabric insert that wouldn’t show any stitches.  For those of you who went ahead and made it yourself (by the way I would love to see pictures of anything made from tutorials!!) now you have a front piece of a pillow, or quilt or what not but now what, what are you going to do with it.  Well if you were me you would turn it into a pillowcase because that seems to be what I’ve been obsessed with lately.  Here I’ll include instructions on making a pillowcase for a 16×16 standard pillow insert.

To begin with, you will need a front piece for the pillow that measures 17×17.  It’s one inch bigger to create a seam allowance and let the pillow puff up a bit.  For this tutorial, the back of the pillowcase will overlap to hold in the pillow.  When I first started doing this, I would cut the 17×17 inch square from my fabric then simply use the remaining 28 inches (most fabric is 45″ wide) for the overlapping back.  While this is just fine, we’ll refer to this as the extreme overlap because well lets just say that pillow isn’t going anywhere.  The minimal that you need to create a secure pouch for your pillow I have found to be 22″.  The problem with doing any method other than the extreme overlap is that even if you do a minimal, the amount of fabric left over is just not big enough to really make anything substantial.  Instead what you have is a piece that is 6×17, which is not even big enough for an insert so you suddenly just have a house full of fabric scraps.  The information from this post can be used to make any size overlap.

Okay so here we go.  Cut out your back piece whatever size you choose, I’m going to use my norm of 17×28 because fabric waste makes my brain hurt.  Then cut this piece in half making it 17×14.  I then sew a shirttail hem into one of the 17″ sides of the each of the back pieces.  A shirttail hem is created by folding up the raw edge of the fabric then folding the fabric up again, thus making sure the raw edge is completely encased.   I do this even on fabrics that don’t have a tendency to unravel because I believe that it creates a cleaner looking final product.

Once both of the sides on the back have a hem, go ahead and start pinning.  Place the front of the pillow right side up and position the first back piece with the right side facing up.  Pin the unhemmed 17″ edge to the pillowcase, then put the other back piece so that it overlaps the first and lines up with the other side of the front.  Use pins to secure the final 3 sides and start to sew.    Sew along each side, putting the needle down and turning at each corner.  When all of the sewing is done turn it right side out and enjoy your finished product!  I would love to hear what you thought about the post and remember, keep crafting!