For those of you who haven’t yet used Pinterest, it is an amazing site where users can save information on everything from crafts to home decor and beyond.  In essence, as the name suggests, you are virtually pinning the information to boards that you have previously organized.  On top of being able to save information, all members are able to “pin” nearly anything that they find on the internet using the “pin it” button.  Lastly, when you find people who you share interests with on the site (ie you like what they like) you can follow them and see what they are saving to their boards.

Now if that all sounded confusing I apologize because the site is actually quite user-friendly.  I would say that the site’s only downside is that it is incredibly addicting…in actuality if you already have Pinterest, I’m surprised you’re not there now.  “See More Pins?” YES PLEASE!!  Just one more page and I’ll stop for the night…I swear!

If you like what you see here just press the button below to sift through what I’ve sacrificed sleep to accumulate.

Here’s my Pinterest boards.  If you like what you see, click the link below to follow me.  That way you’ll see what I’m thinking about before I post anything here!
Follow Me on Pinterest


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