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Don’t Cut Corners!

Don’t Cut Corners!

Finishing a project can be daunting.  If you’re like me, you look at something that is close to being finished and you worry that NOW is the moment you’re going to destroy it.  One wrong stitch here, or seam there and BAM! your beautiful project now gets to live in the back of the bin where frustrating projects end up, because when you’ve gotten over the devastation, you’ll get back to it…yeah…that never happens.  It just sits there as a physical reminder of your shame and annoyance.

I created this post because this has happened to me all too often and I would like to save some of you from this fate, and the finishing corners on a blanket could be one such frustrating point.  Because of that, I’ll show you two different ways that I do corners.

What you’ll need:

  • The fabrics that you are using, both for the blanket and the binding
  • Pins
  • Manual dexterity

Step One:

Corner 1 (1) sized Get your fabric prepared.  Here I am using the back fabric to wrap around to the front as the binding.

Step Two:

Corner 1 (2) sized Bend up the corner.

Step Three:

Corner 1 (3) sized Fold that up until the point of the top fabric is encased.

Step Four:

Corner 1 (4) sized Fold up the edge so that you will have a finished edge along the fabric. (ignore the selvage edge, I had to retake all the photos because I didn’t have the SD card in the camera the first time…)

Step Five:

Corner 1 (5) Corner 1 (6) sized Fold this up to meet the edge of the fabric that you created previously, and pin.

Step Six:

Corner 1 (7) sized Fold up the other edge and do the same thing, pinning when you’re done.

Step Seven:

Corner 1 (8) sized Here you are a beautiful corner that you can be proud of, and not put into the back of the bin. Just sew it down and you’re done!

The Other Way to Make Corner (I like to think of it as a “blanket corner”)

Step One:

Corner 2 (1) sized So this is one that I might have just made up…it works though and I like the effect of it!  Fold in the edge to have a finished edge.

Step Two:

Corner 2 (2) sized Fold up the finished edge

Step Three:

Corner 2 (3) sized Take the corner of that edge and then fold it to line up with the fabric you are binding (shown here as the white fleece)

Step Four:

Corner 2 (5) sizedThen fold up the other side (making a finished edge first) and you’re done!

Between these two different corner finishing methods I hope that you are able to complete a project without screaming, walking away or starting a fight with your significant other because you’re frustrated.  See it’s not just crafting help, it’s also relationship counseling. 🙂

wine glass 1.5 This is another 1.5 glass tutorial.  Really the project itself is not really difficult l but I think you deserve a glass of wine because you just finished something!  So sit back, and enjoy how accomplished you feel!

Do you have a different method for finishing corners?  If so I’d love to see!  Comment below or shoot me an email at brushesandthread@gmail.com.  I always like learning new methods because they create such different effects!  Keep Crafting!